Portweed Pharma - Supplier of Premium Medical Cannabis - Portweed
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Portweed Pharma BOX - grow - Full control of environmental
factors using the most
innovative technology
Portweed founders

Portweed Pharma is the first company in Portugal that produces medicinal vertical indoor cannabis, applying the most innovative technological systems and the highest sustainability standards.


Portweed Pharma holds the pre-approval licenses for cultivation, manufacture, import and export of Cannabis Sativa L, granted by INFARMED, National Authority for Medicines and Health Products, I.P. in 2021.


Portweed Pharma BOX is the heart of avant-garde innovation. Our environmental-friendly, fully-controlled production facilities allow us to efficiently reach the highest standards of quality and consistency of the product as well as improving productivity, increasing the level of security, reducing energy costs and ensuring observance of pharmaceutical regulations..

Our Large Sustainable Strategy is based on the use of renewable energy, reduction of carbon footprint and energy consumption using the newest lighting energy technologies.


Our multidisciplinary team and our research, pharmacology and medical teams work to retrieve and use the therapeutic value of the natural herbal remedies derived from Cannabis plants.


The goal is to become a reference in the global market as Supplier of Premium Medicinal Cannabis in Portugal.

Quality, efficiency and sustainability at the service of the medical cannabis.

The Project
Portweed Pharma Porject

Technology and Innovation are the Heart of Portweed. We have the newest technology throughout the whole product development and production cycle. Portweed uses scientifically innovative production methods to transfer precious natural herbal compounds into the final product.


Our two-level vertical cultivation area and the implementation of the FIFO production model, allows us to maximize space and optimize crop cycles.

Our Good Manufacturing Practices start from the very first step, the clone, right through to the final product, cannabis dried flower.


The implementation along every software-controlled phase allows a 100% traceability and production control in accordance with the required necessities at every moment. Security will be a priority both in the facilities and throughout the whole process.


Production Capacity over 4.000Kg per year.


Although it is a plant production, because it is produced in an industrial and ultra-controlled environment, Portweed will use a revolutionary method of continuous production, whose concept is based on FIFO systems, “first in first out”.


With this concept, which requires a clear ability to organise production operations, there may be fortnightly harvests of portions of production, in a process in which the exact number of plants harvested will be known.


This method not only allows for higher productivity, but also makes it possible to avoid work peaks, such as those occurring at harvest times in a traditional system. The application of this system is only possible due to the practice of industrial manufacturing line management held by the project promoters. The aim is to reach the top quality of the production systems, with obvious repercussions on productivity and quality of the final product.


The functions of traceability and production control are also facilitated in this continuous production process, since the quantities to be handled in each cycle are significantly reduced, therefore more easily traceable.

Portweed Pharma - Project Timeline

  • March: Pre-approval license.
  • March -June: Seeking investors.
  • June: Implementation of security measures.
  • Mid june: Start building the entire facility.

Portweed Pharma - Project Timeline

  • January: Hiring the agronomic and pharmaceutical Teams
  • January - march: GACP review.
  • March - may: INFARMED inspection.
  • May: INFARMED cultivation license.
  • June: Production start.
  • September: First batch of flowers.
  • October - december: GMP certification.
  • December: INFARMED manufacturing license.

Create the best research-based experiences for our clients 

Portweed Pharma BOX
Portweed Pharma OX - Headquartes -

Portweed Pharma BOX is placed in the north of Portugal with more than 5.250 sq meters available with a design facing the future fully secured and controlled interconnected environment. Our “BOX” are divided in two Levels:


Area A (GACP) located in the west part of the building, will be mainly engaged in agricultural production (Cloning, rooting, vegative, flowering and trimming), using the indoor vertical technique.

Area B (GMP) is primarily intended for post-harvesting, packaging and future extraction unit. This whole area will be built and will operate according to good manufacturing practices.


Creating a sustainable production system was the driving motivation behind the development of the Portweed facility.

  • Lighting Technology

    Grow rooms depend on intelligent LED grow lights system that controls the parts of the sunlight spectrum that the cannabis plants need at each stage of growth.

  • Irrigation Technology

    Our Irrigation System comprises several advantages like Resource Savings, Uniformity, Control, Environmental Impact... consists of the joint application of water and the nutritional elements.

  • Method Control

    Our intelligent control software is particularly advantageous when there are several sub-systems to be controlled inside the Growing Area. Traceability is also a key point for our crop cultivation of cannabis.

  • GACP / GMP

    Portweed facilities operate according to GACP & GMP guidelines. Each location clearly documents all aspects of the production and testing process.

  • Security Levels

    Our security system guarantees adequate protection for both our facilities and their access, as well as for the traceability in the whole process.

  • Climate Technology

    As a Key part of the Proccess, our climate control systems include Ventilation, Heating, CO2, Cooling, Humidification and Dehumidification.

This is the agronomic area where Portweed will have all the rooms needed (from cloning to flowering) to grow top quality flowers.

The post-harvest processes are executed in Area B, in order to have clean and dried flowers. It is also in this area that the extraction operation will take place.


The facility is completed with a Corporate and Commercial Area and a Quality Control Department.

“Spending on legal cannabis worldwide is expected to hit $57 billion by 2027” — FORBES.COM